2020 MHMC Session Descriptions

Below you’ll find details about each session offered at this year’s conference. They are in order by the day they will be released during live conference week!

Releasing Monday, March 30 (General Homeschooling, Part 1)

Smart Start to Learning (Adirah Aishet-Tsalmiel) – Is your homeschooler struggling to remember things you recently taught? Dealing with emotional and behavioral challenges? You may want to take another look at what’s being served at the dining table. Whether your homeschooler is a teen or not even born yet, Smart Start to Learning will give you essential tips to feed your children what they need to succeed. As a former WIC (Women, Infants and Children Program) nutritionist and vegan mom of 3 sons, Adirah has learned how diet can impact memory, concentration and attention – key components to learning. Let her show you strategies you can start implementing right away to give your learners the boost in brain power they’ll need to achieve academic success!

Preparing Your College Succes (Cheryl Carter) – Learn practical skills to prepare your children for academic success at competitive colleges.

Interest-Led Learning for the Entire Family: Encouraging One Another to Pursue Your Dreams (Karla Marie Williams) – Karla shares her tips on making dream fulfillment in your home a family affair. How can you pursue your own dreams without sacrificing your family? Get inspired and prepare to take your household to the next level as you all pursue your interests and dreams.

Stop overthinking planning it’s already laid out before you (Tina Ramsay) – We are going to talk about 3 different ways you can plan based on your budget, traditional planning, and your level of creativity. All of which is really already mapped out for you. Just use your Skills to Master it!

Homeschooling a High School Student: Is dual-enrollment a good idea? (Khadija Ali-Coleman) – Homeschooling a high school student is possible and presents a bevy of diverse options. One option is dual-enrollment. Dual-enrollment is when your homeschooled high school student is homeschooled while also attending a college or university, earning college credit before they finish their high school years. This session offers suggestions on including dual-enrollment in your high schooler’s curriculum and tips on keeping it affordable and convenient.

How to Transition to Homeschooling (Shaun Taylor) – Learn how to successfully transition for tradition school to homeschooling using 5 easy steps.

Finding Freedom from Frustration (Anita Gibson) – Has frustration just become a familiar partner riding with you every day on this homeschool journey.? Would you like to know how to give frustration permission to go so you and your children can enjoy your homeschool more? If you answered yes then this is just for you.

Tips & Tricks for Homeschooling Like You’re Rich with a Limited Income (Ruth Agbolosoo) – It’s common for homeschooling families to be on a tight budget. Many are single-income earner households. Learn simple tips and tricks for how to make the most of your homeschooling journey and take advantage of great opportunities while having limited means.

Do You Know How to Tell the Developmental Age of Your Child with Autism? (Penny Rogers) – Knowing your child with autism’s developmental age is crucial for homeschooling success. Come learn the steps of how to determine your child’s developmental age at home as well as how to apply it to curriculum, outside activities, discipline, and therapy needs.  This one bit of information can mean the difference between success and failure.

Mind Over Matter: Deschooling for the Homeschooling Mom (Michelle Huddleston) – Do you find yourself trying to keep up or measure up to public/private school standards? Perhaps there is tension in your homeschooling branching from something you can’t quite identify. If this sounds like you, then you are invited to join Michelle for a chat about deschooling for the homeschooling mom. She sheds light on a hidden mindset and mentality that could be hindering your homeschooling journey!

Releasing Tuesday, March 31 (Marriage & Parenting while Homeschooling)

Mindful parenting practices/marriage enrichment through nurturing and intentionality (Marnesha Augustine) – Marriage and motherhood: two roles that we have as women that demand full-on commitment. Unfortunately, one often takes precedence over the other. Can you guess which usually gets the lion’s share? You guessed it, motherhood! I have spoken with friends, read articles, and am learning that many states that their martial
spark has died, that they can’t seem to connect, that achieving a healthy marriage seems hopeless. Are you ready to recommit to your marriage? Are you prepared to devote, plan, and become more purposeful in your role as a wife? If so, today, I will equip you with the necessary tools to nurture your marriage with intentionality that promotes more intimate connections both physically and emotionally.

Fostering & Homeschooling (Vicki Bentley) – Vicki Bentley, homeschool veteran and foster mom of almost 50 children over two decades, shares their story as well as insights into foster care and the homeschool family. Includes questions to ask yourself, strategies for success, and more.

We All We Got (NaConda Frank) – I’ve always been told that parenting gets easier the more children you have. This thinking surrounds the idea that your children are able to play with each other, help manage each other, and eventually work together to help manage the household. I’m not sure who wrote this part of the non-existent parenting manual, but they did NOT tell us the whole truth about sibling relationships!! As homeschool families, our children are typically together alllll day and that can lead to some loving as well as some troubling days. My five children take me on a rollercoaster
DAILY, but I teach them how to maintain positive interactions with each other and why. I will give you five tips on fostering healthy sibling relationships during my session, and leave you feeling more confident about parenting your children in this aspect as well.

The Key to Homeschool Success: Creating Your Family’s Mission and Vision Statements (Nicole Kennedy Green) – Where do you want your homeschool journey to lead and how will you know when you’ve arrived? Using goal setting techniques and thought-provoking writing prompts, this interactive workshop leads parents through the process of creating clear, meaningful mission and vision statements that will define their homeschool and chart the course for a successful and enjoyable homeschool journey, complete with tools for evaluation and recalibrating when necessary.

Conscious Parenting (Pauline Amara Wanjiku) – There is a paradigm shift in how we parent. This session will give you tips on how to enrich your parenting experience, teach you tips on bringing out the best in the children, and improve your connection with children. Pauline will guide you through practical, transforming things you can do to enhance your parenting. Conscious parenting is a must attend for every parent, especially homeschool parents who spend most of their days with their children.

Understanding Personality Types & Your Teen (LaNissir James) – TBD

Fostering Safe Discussion on Race & Culture (Heather Frommack & LaNissir James) –

Homeschooling IS Parenting (Ruth Agbolosoo) – Are you wondering what it takes to homeschool your child? Perhaps it seems like a daunting task that only a few can master. Explore skills needed to homeschool and discover that you may already possess them.

Homeschooling and Mental Health (Ruth Agbolosoo) – Anyone can have mental health challenges. Homeschoolers are no exception. Learn coping strategies to prevent those challenges from wreaking havoc on your homeschool environment.

Family Nutrition: Their Health is in Your Hands (Journei Bimwala) – Learn about the various developmental stages of children and what nutrients are necessary for each stages. The focus will be on equipping each parent with nutrients and food knowledge that will properly support their children health. How to properly track their children health and how to address any set back. What we feed our children on the regular sets the foundation of their health.

A FULL and Functioning Family (Sharae Adams) – I know you’ve heard myths about large families who somehow survive in this modern world. Well, the legends are true! In this session you will discover diverse methods on how to survive and thrive in raising a large family. If you apply my simple tips and tricks like how to attain extra spending money, get your children to actually do their chores, find alone time and more; you will not only create a functional household but reclaim yourself as well!

How to Stay in Love While Homeschooling (Jere & Crissi Allen) – Are you having a difficult time staying in love with your husband? Are you just two ships passing in the night? If the answer is yes, it’s time to pay attention to your marriage and give it over once more to God because a cord of three strands will not be broken! God wants your marriage to thrive while you homeschool, through the good, bad and ugly! Married for 32 years, Jere & Crissi Allen deeply desire to partner with families in helping their marriages and educating their children. They will focus on giving you some communication and passion tools to keep that fire going and give you actionable steps to implement immediately!

Releasing Wednesday, April 1 (General Homeschooling, Part 2)

The Stress-Free Portfolio Evaluation (Yolanda Newton) – Portfolios can be one of the biggest sources of anxiety and stress for home educators. Some keep portfolios to satisfy state or project requirements. Others are creating them for a special program or secondary school admission. Others are just keeping them for sentimental value. No matter what the reason is for keeping one, the process can seem difficult. What should be included? How should the be organized? Is there a list of requirements? There are some tips and tricks that you can apply. Learn some to help take the stress, worry, and anxiety out of creating a portfolio for your students!

Getting Started Homeschooling: Is a CO-OP For Me? (Khadijah Ali-Coleman) – As a homeschooling mom, you naturally might want to consider a homeschool cooperative as a foundational aspect of your homeschooling journey. This session will explore what a co-op is, what a traditional homeschool experience might look like and how to choose wisely before joining one.

There is No Left Behind in Homeschool (NaConda Frank) – We compare EVERY-thing to EVERY-one else’s stuff: our vehicles, our kids…heck sometimes even our husbands (No? Just me?? Oh, ok!) Comparing things to others is just something we do, and that includes home education. Online homeschool blogs are so picture-perfect & Pinterest-y that we are led to believe our own homeschools ought to perform under those same
standards, and also that our children are supposed to be held to somewhat unrealistic
standards. Then there’s the comparison to those traditionally schooled children (public & private education). In the back of our minds, we wonder if our children are learning enough to keep up with this group of children because they seem to be learning about so much information so quickly and in such a short span of time. During my session, I will give you five action steps to help you tell all those comparisons and worries “Bye, Felicia!” because if you are homeschooling your children from the heart, “ain’t nobody got time for that!”

Creating Classrooms that Consecrate Our Culture (Adirah Aishet-Tsalmiel) – Once a year, the world gives attention to the accomplishments of African descendants by acknowledging Black History Month. However, the celebration doesn’t have to end on the last day of February. Our homeschool spaces and lessons can provide daily opportunities to consecrate African culture – in other words, cause our culture to be respected and revered. At the end of this session, you will have activities and ideas that you can immediately implement in your learning program. Resources will also be provided that can make maintaining an African- centered learning environment stress-free. As part of her homeschool program, Adirah has created classes such as African Explorers, African Economics and Entrepreneurship and Africa in Literature. This teacher-mom can definitely show you how every subject can include information that allows Africa’s sons and daughters to see the beauty and strength of our people!

Homeschooling Through High School – Let’s Keep It Simple (LaNissir James) – TBD

How to Homeschool with Very Little Money (Katherine Thorpe Allday) – Are you already spending your income tax refund before it hits your bank account? I have been there before and bought stuff that didn’t matter just to feel bad later. When you realize you didn’t buy anything “good” to homeschool just to stop mid year can be depressing. Living Paycheck to paycheck is getting old. You can’t afford to buy new stuff mid year, because bills come first. how do you make a change? I am a homeschooler and a single parent and i made one simple decision that changed my life three years ago. I will encourage you on how to make the shift in your mindset before that check hits your account to make the rest of your homeschool life seem like your one income is three with less work.

Equipped and Called to Homeschool (Kimberly Steenbergen) – As Christians, we are called to teach our children and as mothers, God has equipped us with the ability to do so. This workshop will encourage moms to pursue their God-given calling to homeschool their children.

From Homeschool to College: Preparing for the future and recognizing your potential (Shania-Naje Omega) – While homeschooling can be an amazing and engaging experience it can also be hard to translate the wealth of knowledge and experiences gained into measurable accomplishments. In my talk I will be discussing my experience during this transition period. This workshop is all about how to prepare for the progression between high school and college as a homeschooler. Additionally, I will be proffering advice on how I would have changed my approach and offer encouragement to homeschool moms currently preparing their students for this phase of life.

You can teach social skills to your child with autism and homeschool! (Penny Rogers) – The socialization question is the important when talking about homeschooling children with autism. What if I told you it was super easy to add to your everyday activities and it doesn’t have to cost you $$? Leave this workshop with a list of places to work on those skills as well as activities to make it fun!

Roadschooling: The Underground Railroad to My Sanity (Felicia Malloy) – How taking my children out on the road to educate them saved us from a domestic violence situation and brought clarity, peace, and focus into our world.

Releasing Thursday, April 2 (Working & Homeschooling)

Organize Your Time (Cheryl Carter) – Practical skills for busy homeschool mothers to manage their time and space.

Heart & Soul Brand Strategy (Justina Ford) – Are you wanting to create your own online services? Maybe you want to coach, consult, or teach and earn money from your natural skills and talents. In the Heart and Soul Brand Strategy workshop, I will share with you what Heart and Soul Brand Strategy really is and what it can look like for you in your business. I’ll be sharing the 8 things you might not realize you’re doing to keep yourself from moving forward with creating and serving with your God-given talents. Why Christian Mind Body and Soul Work is essential for your purpose flow to be activated. 4 Benefits of Identifying the Soul of Your Business and 3 Client Cases to show you that heart and soul brand strategy really works.

How to Work & Homeschool Successfully (Shaun Taylor) – Learn different methods to work inside and outside of the home while successfully homeschooling.

Burning the Midnight Oil (NaConda Frank) – Being a home educator leaves many avenues open for earning an income. Many moms work from home, and there are also many moms who work outside of the home. I have been on both sides of this race, working both from home AND away from home (both at the same time for a little while, too!! Yeah, I’m crazy like that!). There were a few factors that motivated me to pursue employment outside of the home as well as factors motivating me to become an entrepreneur and work from home. Albeit stressful at times, either can be rewarding if you set your sights on an end goal and plan accordingly. Throughout my session I will discuss my personal motivation factors and I will also give you five major keys to point you in the right direction to figuring out how you can include working from home or away from home while you homeschool.

Saving & Budgeting (Rhonda Patterson) – TBD

Working & Winning While Homeschooling (LaNissir James) – TBD

How to Gracefully Balance Work Life and Homeschool Life Without Falling Off the Beam (Terri Hedrick) – Learn how to balance your home life, homeschooling duties, and your work life in a seamless and peaceful way. I’ll offer tips and tricks based on my experience working both full and part-time jobs while homeschooling and managing a home for over a decade. You can do it, too!

3 Legit Ways to Make Money from Home (Kimberly Steenbergen) – Are you a Christian stay at home mom looking for a way to contribute to your household finances consistently that doesn’t involve selling anything from an MLM or staying up late working crazy hours teaching with an ESL company? If you said yes, you’re going to love this workshop! I will show you 3 different ways you can work from home and make legit money all from the comfort of your own home!

Creating Your Unique Mompreneur Lifestyle & Routine (Demetria Zinga) – This workshop will help the homeschool mompreneur see how she can tailor a work-from-home lifestyle to work around her family, and still be successful in business and work.

Encouraging the Homeschool Entrepreneur (Crissi Allen ) – Can you really do it all – raise children, home-educate and build a business? If that’s what the Lord has called you to do, then yes! Jesus will empower and give you the resources and help you to thrive! But what do we need to focus on first? Good question! Mompreneur Crissi Allen is privileged to share with you her 20+ years of FAILING FORWARD and how she survived homeschooling while building several business ministries at the same time. She will focus on three areas of your life and give you very practical and actionable items to implement immediately!

How to Transition to Becoming a Homeschooling & Working Parent (Lanita Preston) – This session is focused will help parents make the transition to working while
homeschooling if they have been a stay-at-home parent for the duration of
homeschooling or they are a working parent transitioning to working and

Releasing Friday, April 3 (General Homeschooling, Part 3)

Inspiring the Writer in Your Child (Cheryl Carter) – Practical and fun ways to get your child writing creatively .

Benefits of Interest-Led Learning for Special Needs Families (Karla Marie Williams) –

Do I have the capacity to curate my child’s educational experience? (Khadijah Z. Ali-Coleman) – The first question parents may ask themselves before diving into their homeschooling journey is, “Do I have the capacity to curate my child’s educational experience?” When determining this, you must first assess your social capital which will determine how many opportunities you as their educational curator can provide. Social capital is your series of connections to networks that will serve as a resource to create your child’s learning experience. This session explores the ways to assess your social capital and build it, if necessary.

How to Create Your Own COOP (Shaun Taylor) – Sometimes as homeschoolers we have trouble finding the right co-op to fit our family. Whether it’s because we lack similarities with other families, it doesn’t fit what we are looking for, or it doesn’t fit our schedule. I will show homeschooling families how to create what they need or what is needed for their local community.

College Prep & Winning Scholarships (Cescelie Jelks) – This course was created by a homeschooling mother with absolutely no expertise in the college admissions or scholarship application process. She will tell you the tips and insights she gained while helping her son to navigate the college and scholarship application process. Her son graduated from high school in 2019 and scored a 22 on the ACT. He was awarded a total of $104,424 in scholarships. This mother will help you to learn from her mistakes and she will tell you what she’s doing differently for her daughter who graduates in 2021. The overall message is that your child doesn’t have to be perfect to get scholarships. There are scholarships out there for your young scholar. This course will tell you how to secure scholarships for your child and help them to avoid the student loan debt trap that so many young people are falling into.

How to use google classroom and TES for middleschool students and beyond (Katherine Thorpe Allday) – It isn’t as hard as you might think to get your upper elementary or middle schooler online. Partial online lessons or curated online resources saved in one place.? Easy high school transcripts? I found the answer. Highly interactive, mobile, and FREE. If you want a fully customized curriculum that you can use through high school you don’t want to miss this.

How to do Therapy at Home to Help Your Child with Autism (Penny Rogers) – One reason parents balk at homeschooling their child with autism is that they will lose the few therapy hours the child gets at school. A little bit of therapy is better than no therapy in many parent’s minds. Come learn how you can be the therapist at home to help your child make strides. We will go over sensory diets, speech, and occupational therapy plans. Learn how to set goals and plan activities to keep your child moving forward.

How to Get Your Kid to Love Learning (LaTressa Seay) – Is your kid unmotivated when it comes to school work? Do you struggle finding ways to get him or her excited about learning? If so, then this is the session for you. In this session you’ll learn: the number on reason most kids aren’t excited about learning, the one little mindset shift you need to make right now to turn things around, my tried & true method for getting MY kids to LOVE learning, how & why it works, and how you can easily implement it with your kids. Also I’ll show you scientific proof of the concept. This session is truly not one to miss. Join me to get the magical secret sauce to getting your kids to LOVE learning. 

First Things First (Shenek Alston) – Learn 10 possible holes in a child’s math education. You will be encouraged to possibly return to some foundational topics instead of pushing forward with more advanced topics before the child has a strong grasp on other topics.

Ideas for Creating Lesson Plans to Accommodate Homeschooling Multiple Ages/Grades (Michelle Huddleston) – If you’re homeschooling multiple ages and grades, then chances are you are probably looking for easier ways to teach them all – together. Join Michelle, a homeschooling mom of 5, as she shares ideas for creating lesson plans to accommodate homeschooling multiple ages and grades. She’ll share different methods and styles you can try no matter what kind of learner(s) you have.